The ultimate all natural BBQ cleaning tool


The BBQ Scraper is 100% natural, and no plastic or chemicals will ever touch your grill. We decided not to sacrifice when it came to the environment. The BBQ Scraper is manufactured by local woodworkers using locally harvested sustainable forests, giving it the lowest carbon footprint possible and making it extremely environmentally friendly.


The BBQ Scraper is safe for you, your loved ones and your grill. No metal bristles are used, so you can’t get any stuck in your mouth, throat or stomach. The BBQ Scraper is made from Canadian Birch hardwood, making it not only durable enough to last for many years, but it will never scratch even the most delicate porcelain coated grills.


Being good for the environment and safe to use are unimportant if the BBQ Scraper doesn’t do its job, and clean your grill. We maintain that no other tool can clean your grill as well as the BBQ Scraper, because as you use it, customized grooves that match your exact grill’s grate pattern are burned into the tool. This makes it the perfect cleaning tool for your unique grill.

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